Project Engineer ( ə/h qeyd olunmayıb )

Tarix 19.11.2018
Baxış sayı 112
Sahə Sənaye
Şəhər Bakı ş.
CV göndər
  • Responsible from the industry services together with newly developed services, preparing product technical and commercial packages, training technical team activities
  • Delivering the services with the adequate level of technical quality,
  • Review the technical quality of services delivered,
  • Responsible for the monitoring all inspection activities performed by Intertek Inspector team.
  • Responsible from technical support of engineering standards (EN, API, ASME, TSE standards, procedures) and qualification of personnel (Shop-Site Inspection, CE marking, AIM, Welding) in all industry services,
  • Responsible for monitoring and following up assessments of Inspectors according to Intertek global taxonomy definitions.
  • Managing the implementation of Intertek’s sub-contractor procedure.
  • Maintaining and developing close and good relations with Client representatives allocated to major projects.
  • Making field visits to ensure that services are performed to Intertek Standards and in accordance with Client Requirements / Specifications.
  • Attend Management meetings
  • Supervising Project Coordinators on below projects;
  • Mentoring and Monitoring auditors,welder examiners,inspectors.
  • Assessment and concluding of appeals and complaints.
  • Managing personnel certification programs
  • Issue and keep control of the Quality Management System in “CONTROL’.
  • Identify and report possible quality problems to the Director and QA representative and initiate solution of such problems.
  • Evaluate subcontractors QA Systems and co-ordinate QA related activities.
  • Provide audit reports to the Director and QA representative
  • Initiate Quality Management and General Quality Meetings.
  • Liaison with the client in quality related matters.
  • Prepare, execute or coordinate and report systematic audits to ensure that the approved procedures and work instructions and processes are adhered to.
  • Coordinate actions for quality improvement through all disciplines and functional areas within the company organization.
  • Liase with Certification Authority local office as directed by QA representative
  • Ensure that the documentation system to be followed up according to global and local documentation requirements.
  • According to EN ISO IEC 17020, EN ISO 17024 and EN ISO 17065 accreditation requirements, creating procedures and processes and ensuring their implementation and continuity
  • Təhsil: Ali (bakalavr)
  • İş təcrübəsi: 1 - 3 il
  • Yaş həddi göstərilməyib
  • Qualification requirement: mid-level qualification.
  • A minimum of 5 years experience in Oil & Gas, EPCs or similar
  • University degree- Mechanical or Metallurgical Engineer
  • NDT Level II Qualification
  • at least in 3 methods such as UT, MT, PT, RT and VT
  • valid certificate (from local accredited company according to ISO/EN 9712)
  • Fluent in Azerbaijani, English and Russian


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